Security Autonomous Indoor Robot

Designed To Disinfect Any Aircraft Cabin

AeroX is the world’s first UV-C LED autonomous disinfection robot to be time & cost efficient, environmentally friendly, and easily customizable to any aircraft configuration.

OTSAW’s solution is to prepare our customers to be ahead of their competitors, before the aviation industry returns to its travel norms.

Our patented UV-C LED has been successfully lab-tested against live human coronavirus samples, achieving a disinfection efficacy of 99.9% within 5 minutes at a range of 2.5 meters.


99.9% Disinfection


Key Product Features

Optimized for Any Aircraft

  • The AeroX is adaptable to fit any aircraft cabin or seating configuration
  • Similar in size to that of a service cart
  • Adjustable height

Surface Coverage

  • AeroX’s arm UV-C LED configuration allows for disinfection of two rows in a single pass.
  • Upper UV-C LEDs are used to disinfect the overhead cabins simultaneously
  • Disinfection of surfaces that are exposed to UV-C light
  • Disinfect tray tables

Fleet Operation

  • Multiple AeroX units can operate together to minimize the disinfection time period
  • Manage multiple units from a single interface with Fleet Management Control Software
  • Global Mobile Data sim card to allow real-time data collection world wide

Optimized for Any Aircraft

Surface Coverage

Fleet Operation

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