Air Disinfection Solution

Fixed Installation within HVAC Systems

The Best Answer To Disinfecting The Indoor Air We Breathe

AirGuard is the answer for disinfecting the indoor air we breathe, by installation within air conditioning and ventilation systems. KAB-RBT UV-C LEDs are not only more energy and environmentally friendly, we are the only certified and lab-tested solution to be proven effective in disinfecting against coronavirus.

Disinfect airborne
viruses and bacteria

Retrofit into existing
HVAC systems

Remote control

Additional sensors monitor
for overall air quality

Product Specifications


  • UV-C Air modules are integrated within air conditioning ducts
  • Small and easy to install in most ducts​
  • Coverage can be easily configured as per requirements
  • Automatic operation by schedule or remote control

Minimal Modification

  • Minimal modification required to retrofit the UVC LED fittings in existing HVAC systems
  • Additional sensors can monitor for temperature, airflow, and overall air quality

Background Disinfection

UVC LED fittings perform disinfection in the background, circulating clean air to the environment.


Minimal Modification

Background Disinfection

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