Kejuruteraan Asastera Berhad (KAB) has commenced its Sustainability Journey

The company is amid integrating “Economic, Environmental and Social” (EES) or better known as “Sustainability” matters into our strategy to help manage risk and opportunities within the organisation.

Headed by KAB Board of Directors (“Sustainability Committee”), assisted by the Management Representatives (“Sustainability Team”), is responsible for the overall stewardship, which includes overseeing sustainability and corporate responsibility.

KAB is taking the next step forward to make real progress, to commit in shaping a sustainable organisation, to create value for our society and to understand our stakeholders’ anticipated expectations. Our ESG drivers are,  to develop enormous business value and to forge a long-lasting positive impact on our stakeholders, communities and the world. It is of the utmost importance, our Sustainability Committee and Sustainability Team constantly and continuously refine sustainable targets and undertake initiatives to ensure the company delivers sustainable operation and strives to attain a greater level of  positive contribution to a more sustainable world through its business offerings and sustainable business practices.

Sustainability Policy

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Sustainability Report 2021

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Sustainability Report 2020​

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Sustainability Handbook 2021

*Pages of the documents have been redacted for public release


Kejuruteraan Asastera Berhad

We have established a reputable profile spanning over 25 years' experience in the M&E sector.
KAB is expanding into the Sustainable Energy Solutions Division (SES), telecommunication infrastructure and robotic solutions.

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